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The city of Bracciano, alongside the other towns that overlook Lake Bracciano, is one of the greatest getaways from Rome. The truth that the spot is still off the key tourist tracks indeed increases its charm. It’s extremely difficult to see Lake Bracciano and return disappointed. The sights are very numerous that you could easily spend a complete week traveling the area. Even though this crystal-clear lake near Rome isn’t as popular as other lakes in Italy, you need to take some time exploring what the region of Lake Bracciano has to offer in terms of landscapes, history, food, and recreation.

The water from the lake is drawn and channeled through the Roman aqueducts to supply water for lots of Rome’s urban districts, along with 40 smaller towns surrounding Rome. That’s quite impressive for a river that is mainly fed by underground rivers and rain. To guarantee the purity of the water, motorboats are forbidden on the lake, with the exception of the tiny official ferry boat that carries people from town to town during the summer.

You can find three main towns on Lake Bracciano: Anguillara Sabazia, Bracciano, and Trevignano Romano. The beaches in Anguillara Sabazia and Vigna di Valle, which is located 1 km from Anguillara Sabazia, are on the list of nicest on the lake. Bracciano, on one other hand, features the Orsini-Odescalchi Castle. Trevignano Romano gets the longest and more curated promenade of Lake Bracciano and the richest offer of restaurants and cafes just facing the water. This little town shows its best from May to October.

The Bracciano Castle is the key historic landmark in the region. Bracciano Castle happens to be a museum (it’s also designed for private events if you’re able to afford it, lol, as Tom Cruise did on the occasion of his wedding with Katie Holmes). Once you’re done visiting the Bracciano Castle, walk round the perimeter of the castle, in the Via Collegiata street, and into the alleys of Bracciano´s old town. Fall in love with the calmness lingering over the tiny Piazza Saminiati square. Small restaurants and wineries have their cellars inside the castle’s walls, like the “Caffetteria Levante&rdquo ;.Walk towards the church of Santo Stefano Protomartire and the Museo del Duomo (open on weekends). And then, visit the two lookout points (on the map) offering romantic views on Lake Bracciano at Belvedere La Sentinella.  Trip to Lake Bracciano isn’t complete if you do not spend several hours exploring the old town of Anguillara Sabazia and its promenade. Here you can really get lost in the alleys looking to discover the best view of the lake, for the cutest balcony, the oldest house.

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